Reorganisation Management

Is your turnover declining by the year while costs keep going up?
Are your liquid assets slowly but surely being eaten away?

Take action while you still can!

We can quickly get an overview of your current situation and its causes, tell you what measures would be beneficial for you and help introduce and implement the necessary management processes.

Reorganisation Management

In the area of reorganisation management, we will conduct a rapid analysis of your situation and develop a strategy on how best to overcome your company’s current crisis. After discussing the analysis with your management team, the following measures can be taken (as a package or as individual measures) to lead your company back into black:

  • analysis of your company’s weaknesses; identify profitable business potential through due diligence checks
  • change the corporate and organisational structure
  • develop a new business concept
  • restructure the organisation and operations
  • negotiate with creditors
  • identify suitable investment projects
  • identify new potential investors
  • identify  business areas suitable for realignment
  • support negotiations with banks and government agencies
  • intensive management support leading up to the transfer and beyond
  • hire reputable law firms to examine the current legal situation (package solution)

On request, we will take on the leading role together with the management. We specialise in the active and operational implementation of reorganisation measures. We also lead management coaching sessions or take over management temporarily as CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer), because often the company management lacks the special expertise or the time to cope with the additional effort required on a day-to-day basis.

Should there be the opportunity for a successful out of court restructuring, we can provide a professional restructuring plan that conforms to standard IDW S 6, which is often required in these situations. In doing so, we place great emphasis on the long-term sustainability of the company’s success. 

Change Management

Change management aims at bringing about and implementing changes in the company. The most far-reaching changes across departments can be generated by new strategies, structures or processes.

This is one of major specialities. Through our experience in personnel management, in certification processes, in technology and administration, we are able to redefine complex departmental and company-wide processes with new structures and implement and consolidate them with training.

Bring us on as your expert partner for tackling the crisis situation!
Together we will lead your company back into calmer waters.


Change in management

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