The M&A business

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) mean the buying and selling of whole companies or parts of companies. For most entrepreneurs this is a drastic step that must be well prepared and implemented – for us it is day-to-day business.

The sale of a company involves a succession plan to pass on a company that has been successfully built up into safe and responsible hands. Other aspects of partial sales include consolidating strategic partnerships, promoting a better basis for the company’s growth or to finance restructuring. During realignments it may become clear that mature parts of the company no longer fit the company’s mission and their sale may be the right solution for moving ahead.

The opposite is corporate acquisition, i.e. buying a company or parts of a company. For entrepreneurs who want to start their own business or expand their existing company, acquisition offers promising opportunities. The bidding process may be the best way for you to create a market for the sale. Our task here is to identify several interested parties, so that the bidding process can take place between them. This ensures you are paid the price that corresponds to the actual market value of your company. Benefit from our 20 years of experience in the M&A business.

We work with you to develop the right strategy, identify potential buyers or sellers, lead negotiations, etc. Organising the financing is also part of our service. Contact us.


There are various reasons to seek an initial public offering (IPO) of shares on the stock market. The IPO is a very time-consuming and expensive process that we can prepare, manage, implement and speed up in our role as IPO consultants. This also means the company’s internal management is relieved of the burden.

We assist your company in preparing the stock offering and provide a broad portfolio of services:

  • full-service preparation of the legal and organizational basis of the IPO
  • advice on selecting  the partner for the stock issue (bank, solicitor or accountant)
  • prepare due diligence
  • design stock marketing and IPO communication
  • assist with road shows
  • support presenting the company to fund companies
  • preparing for TV interviews about quarterly and annual reports
  • preparing a business plan and annual reports for the stock exchange
  • coaching for annual general meetings
  • preparing quarterly and annual reports for the stock issue





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