Logistic consulting

Warehouse logistics

  • Warehouse planning
    • Requirements specification, application scenarios
    • Design, dimensioning, detailed planning
    • Selection warehouse management system
    • Definition ERP interfaces
    • Goods identification and localization (RFID, Barcode)
    • Process optimization, process chains, decoupling of processes
  • Determination of ratios target / actual
  • Resource planning (personnel, industrial trucks)
  • Tender external services (warehouse operation, picking)


  • Material flow and transport optimization
  • Route planning for the control of route trains
  • Mobile Order Management

Transportation logistics

  • Freight cost optimization, tendering
  • Optimization of transport structures
    • Dynamic route planning, simulation and optimization
    • Arrival time determination
  • Vehicle Management
  • Load planning of transport vehicles
  • Dynamic time slot management for the loading and unloading
  • Tendering and management of sea and air freight


Project management and quality assurance


  • Loading and unloading, goods receipt / goods receipt, quality assurance / testing
  • Suppliers returns (rejections)
  • Storage, addition to existing stock, repackaging
  • Inventory (inventory warehousing, permanent, date, ...)
  • Order Management (release, compression, batch formation)
  • Picking
  • Finishing / Value Added Services
  • Quality assurance, control output
  • Packaging, loading
  • Tracking & Tracing
  • Returns management
  • Empties Management



Change in management

Hugo Schneider scheidet zum 30. Juni 2015 auf eigenem Wunsch als Gesellschafter und Geschäftsführer aus der SCS Beratungsgesellschaft mbH aus. Er wird...

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