Running a business also means recognising a crisis and handling it before it gets out of hand. There are numerous causes for crises in companies. However, professional advice and various measures can help lead the company out of the crisis.

Our task is to work with the company and the insolvency administrator to identify those areas of the business which require reorganisation and implement the necessary steps.

Our extensive previous experience allows us to offer insolvency administrators a complete package including:

  • reorganisation of the company in insolvency by experienced managers
  • rigorous examination of the company’s operations and personnel
  • using this analysis to develop possible responsible strategies for insolvency administration
  • creation of earnings and liquidity plans before and during insolvency proceedings
  • avoiding liability
  • temporary service as insolvency manager 
  • The use of an insolvency manager means an above-average success rate.

We see the processes of insolvency, reorganisation and expansion holistically at all hierarchical levels. Such situations lend themselves to interim management. This temporary management of the company supports the development and implementation of new processes and structures.

Our strengths lie in handling the administrative and operational aspects of the insolvency. Our expertise as quasi managing directors has often proved useful in the context of insolvency proceedings, regardless of the size of the company. We have also been successful in seeking and finding investors for the restructured business.

You ought to achieve your goals immediately, easily and quickly – and we will use our experience to support you!


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